About Us

Meet Teddy Rose- the perfect gift and dream of every girl, handmade with love and care.

Every Teddy Rose bear is made of artificial roses, very pleasant to touch and looking 100% natural.
Say hello to your unique, handmade and truly lovely friend, Teddy Rose. 

With our handmade Teddy Rose bears, we provide a chance for those of you who want to show love and respect and to do so in an original and elegant way that will leave an indelible imprint in the heart and mind of the recipient of Teddy Rose.

Teddy Rose is handmade from artificial roses. Each rose is set one by one, which requires several hours of work and real dedication. This exactly turnes Teddy Rose into finest gift, unique item and one of it’s kind.

Every rose, used to create Teddy Rose is delicate and that’s why we recommend our clients to handle their new friend with attention and care.

Our company ethos is centered on the notion of spreading love, joy and happiness throughout society and to make the world more positive and welcoming place.
We decided to redefine the traditional method of giving flowers and create something new that is modern, elegant and cute Teddy Rose bear.